As President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Rhode Island Chapter, I write to express concern about potential legislation that would deny consumers access to low cost ocular telehealth services.

In 2003, Congress passed the Fairness to Contact Lenses Consumers Act which protects consumers’ rights to obtain and keep their prescriptions from their optometrist and fill it however they choose. Whether it’s on-line, through the mail or at a discount retailer; this law provides consumer choice when it comes to how much they wish to pay and how they prefer to get their contact lenses or glasses.

It is important to realize that we must welcome innovation when it helps patients have greater access to their medical needs. Innovation also brings competition, providing patients with more access and low-cost choices. We must also be careful not to quickly dismiss these technologies without learning all the facts and benefits they bring to patients’ well-being.

Patients understand that these technologies do not and hould not replace doctors. Rather this type of innovation helps patients maintain good health and better track their medical needs.

As access to and the cost of health care are major issues for Rhode Island’s Latino residents, this is an important issue.

For these reasons, I ask that you oppose House Bill 7608, which would ban innovative new ocular telehealth services.

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