Online Vision Testing

Online vision testing is good for consumers and taxpayers. It saves time and money, increases convenience, helps rural and medically-underserved communities, and promotes good eye health.

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FTC Weighs In

In a letter to Washington State legislators, the Federal Trade Commission warned that restricting access to online vision care “would limit competition, access, and choice in vision care, and potentially increase costs.

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Online Prescription Renewal

One of the most exciting advances in telehealth has been in the area of online vision tests allowing for prescription renewal services for glasses and contact lens wearers.

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Visit the Vision Action Center

Learn more about your rights when it comes to your eye health: visit our member Consumer Action’s Vision Action Center today

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About Us

Americans for Vision Care Innovation has come together to help ensure that America’s glasses and contact lens wearers have access to these safe and effective online vision care services. Our goal is to encourage more states to adopt pro-consumer legislation that promotes access for these services and to end bans on such services where they exist.

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Take Action

Since the beginning of 2016, bills attempting to outlaw or restrict online vision care have been introduced in more than a dozen states. See if your state is currently debating a bill to ban online vision testing, and take action today.

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