Dear President Morales,

Our coalition, Americans for Vision Care Innovation, would like to flag a very important issue for consumers and taxpayers that is currently before you and the New Mexico legislature: the right to get prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses renewed online.

HB 242, the “Consumer Lens and Glasses Prescriptions Bill” was introduced on January 17 by Majority Whip Doreen Gallegos and referred to the House Judiciary Committee, where it was fast-tracked and passed on January 22. It passed the House on Thursday January 24 as part of a House “rocket docket” of bills.

The passage of HB 242 in New Mexico will result in less choice, higher costs and more inconvenience for New Mexico consumers and could drive up vision care costs across the state. We encourage you to remove HB 242 from the “rocket docket” in New Mexico State Senate and oppose it in its current form.

While HB 242 has an innocuous consumer-friendly title, this bill would severely limit access to eye care for hundreds of thousands of New Mexico citizens and prevent patients from getting their prescriptions renewed online and from having the ability to get online vision checks.

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