Our coalition, Americans for Vision Care Innovation, would like to flag a very important issue for consumers and taxpayers that is currently before Rhode Island Health, Education and Welfare Committee; the right to get prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses renewed online.

S2404, the so-called “Consumer Protection in Eye Care Act” was introduced on February 15. It is modeled on controversial legislation from last year that did not make it through the General Assembly. While S2404 has a consumer-friendly title, this bill is nothing more than a sweetheart deal for the optometrists who have been working around the country to prevent patients from getting their prescriptions renewed online. It would severely restrict the rights of consumers and taxpayers to get an online prescription renewal for glasses or contacts in Rhode Island.

Each of the organizations listed on this letter has deep concerns about this bill and would urge you to slow down the process and oppose this bill until a suitable compromise that protects both consumers and free-enterprise is reached. We ask you to listen to both sides and gather more information about the possible impact of this bill before proceeding. We have outlined some important information for you below and stand ready to provide more information at your earliest convenience.

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