Online Snellen chart for patients to test their acuity and get a renewal of their current contact lens prescription

By: Peter Roff – 

The world is changing a lot faster than people can comprehend. The old ways are changing. They’re being replaced by Internet-based systems, the gig economy, and smart technology. For those on the cusp of this new economic order, that’s great news.

On the other hand, for those who’ve spent decades building out their space in the traditional marketplace, these new commercial spaces are a threat to their continued survival. As we saw when Borders lost out to, retailers and suppliers must successfully adapt or they will die.

Uber and Lyft have wreaked havoc on traditional taxi and limousine services. The big hotel chains are feeling the heat from Airbnb. Department stores are losing customers who now shop online. New technology is leading to the creation of start-ups faster than brick and mortar businesses can adapt, so the latter have started running to the government seeking protection against the competition.

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