By: Dr. Guy M. Kezirian –

Every day, American entrepreneurs are developing innovative solutions to address our nation’s health care problems. It’s no secret that American families are being crushed under the weight of health care costs. These costs prevent tens of millions of Americans from obtaining adequate health insurance.

Advances in telemedicine will be an important part of a solution. Studies show that telemedicine in general costs less and generates equivalent or better health outcomesthan in-person visits.

Eye care is particularly suited for telemedicine. Americans often incur significant expense in time, cost and inconvenience in order to see an eye doctor. Some simply live too far away. As a result, while nearly two-thirds of American adults reported having eye or vision problems in 2016, only 13 percent reported having received an eye exam.

Companies like Visibly are providing telemedicine solutions to solve this problem. Visibly offers an online vision test to screen patients for eye problems and update their prescription glasses or contact lenses. The process screens for potential problems with a careful history. It pre-qualifies people before they are allowed to use the system and refers them to be examined by an eye doctor if a potential problem is detected. Every exam is reviewed by a licensed doctor of optometry or medicine, who either issues a new prescription or recommends a comprehensive exam.

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