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By: Elias J. Atienza –

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission started off a massive lobby battle when they proposed changing rules to ease restrictions on individuals buying contacts over the internet. The FTC, according to The Hill, is trying to “level the playing field” for the estimated 41 million people who wear eye contacts.

Cellphone apps like Opternative and GlassesOn allow people to take “eye appointments” with their phones and has allowed people to go to the eye doctor every two years instead of every time they need a contact lenses refill. It’s amazing because it means that people who have eye problems and cannot afford to go the ophthalmologists or optometrist can at least know what they need for contacts without taking time off of work, or wasting time in an optometrist’s office. Plus it allows people to have more free time. It also expands choice because people can now shop online for contacts with the new FTC rules being implemented.

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