Nurse giving a man his annual eye exam by getting his eyes' blood pressure

By: W. Bruce Delvalle –

A new frontier has arisen in the seemingly ceaseless tug-of-war pitting inventive technological efforts to provide the best possible products and services to the American public against those who are working to impose slothful and backwards protectionist barriers to secure lucrative profits for themselves.

Entering the battleground is the relatively new field of “telemedicine” and the multi-million dollar efforts of the American Optometric Association (“Big Eye”) to purchase state legislative efforts to kill the innovation.

Telemedicine involves an amazing and unabashedly sci-fi/futuristic technology, whereby an app on your smartphone can perform a routine eye examination from your home or office in about 25 minutes. The examination has been determined to be every bit as accurate and effective as an eye examination in your local optometrist’s office and provides the patient an accurate prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses without the need for an office visit.


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