Japanese vending machines that sell eye glasses and contacts

By: Dean Chambers –

Major corporations are often perceived by many as supporters of free enterprise, but unfortunately, this frequently proves to not be the case. The sheer hypocrisy of Johnson & Johnson in asking legislatures to regulate their competition out of business is a textbook example as to why.

Last month, the president of J&J Vision North America, Peter Menziuso, and other executives with the company, worked with the American Optometric Association (AOA) to lobby members of Congress, including Sen. Bill Nelson and Reps. Bob Latta and Michael Burgess, claiming that more regulations are needed to protect patient safety in eye care.

“Helping people safeguard their eyesight is our top priority at Johnson & Johnson Vision,” Menziuso said in a statement. The reality, though, is that Johnson & Johnson is and always has been far more concerned with their profit margins and eliminating their competition than the safety of eye care patients.

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