Contact lenses with water drops on bright background after they have been cleaned

By: Gary D. LeBeau –

With the advent of e-commerce and new technologies involving telemedicine, the healthcare industry is transforming and is now giving consumers greater freedom than ever before.  More and more consumers are receiving their health care and health products in new ways and the Internet has been a huge asset in lowering prices, increasing access and helping working families get what they need even outside of so-called “regular” business hours.  This convenience is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s world.

For example, federal law states that patients can leave their eye doctor’s office with a copy of their prescription, giving them the choice of how they will fill it. Whether it’s through their desktop computers, an app on their mobile device or tablet, through the mail, or at a discount retailer, the choice is up to the patient to decide in consultation with their doctor.

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