Eye vision test on the computer screen with a Snellen chart

By: S.C. Sherman –

Wouldn’t it be cool if computers got so small you could hold one in the palm of your hand? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually see the person you were talking to on the other end of a phone call? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could actually have your eyes checked without ever having to go into the eye doctor’s office?

All three of those amazing things have come to pass. Our phones are incredibly more powerful than large computers of yesteryear. Facetime and Skype have made it possible to see the smiling face of my daughter who has moved out and gone to college as easy as any phone call years ago. New technology has also now made it possible to have an eye appointment right over your smart phone with accuracy as good as in the eye doctor’s office.

Telemedicine is the future come to fruition. There are several apps (such as Opternative and Glasses On) already providing an online 25-minute “eye appointment” right on your smartphone. Guess what? Their results have proven as accurate as a traditional in office visit.

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